Velocity Estimation of Moving Target by GB-SAR Sensor Using MIMO Antennas


1 M. Sc. Student of Remote Sensing, Faculty of Surveying and Geospatial Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 College of Engineering, School of Surveying and Geospatial Engineering, University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran


 Many researchers and users have drawn their attention to the radars with Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) antennas in recent years. The reason is the capabilities that these systems provide to the users, including its low cost, the similarity of the output of MIMO antenna arrays compared to conventional systems with similar characteristics, and its strength. One of the applications of this system in Radar Remote Sensing is identifying the objects and their movement speed. This article’s primary purpose is to identify the moving object and determine its speed by Doppler processing and Fourier transform.
For this purpose, firstly general topics related to MIMO systems are mentioned, and then available explanations on how to identify the moving objects are provided. Finally, the characteristics of the sensor used in the laboratory and the results of two different simulations in a software environment are presented. The first simulation is to determine the proper angle of transmission of waves to the object, and the second simulation is to identify two moving objects in two different modes: 1- moving two objects at different speeds while the sensor is stationary and 2- simultaneous movement of two objects and also moving the sensor at different speeds.