Investigation of Active Geodynamics Caused by Performance of Salt Dome Using Radar Interferometry (Case Study: The Salt Dome of Qeshm Island)

Document Type : مقاله پژوهشی


1 Master of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System

2 Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Payame Noor University, Ardakan Branch, Yazd, Iran


Qeshm salt dome is a part of Qeshm unique Geopark, the only Geopark in the Middle East. The present study is a descriptive-analytical. Qeshm Salt Dome study area and required information for this research are radar satellite images, optical satellite images as well as rock, geological information of the area using radar interferometry and paired radar images taken from the site. The European Space Agency is first developing some ground-level models for the region by doing some processing. After constructing the elevation model, the Envi software performs several measurements on the ASAR satellite Envisat satellite radar data and performs interpolation to calculate the elevation of Qeshm Island and presents the results digitally. An adaptive filter was used to provide better results. Rate of salt dome changes in the period 2003-2005, 0 to 0.16 m, in the period 2005-2008, -0.03 to 0.085 m and in the period 2008 to 2010, -0.007 to 0.082 m was calculated. Rate of changes in Qeshm Island in the period 2005-2003, 0 to 0.23 m, in the period 2008-2005, -0.2 to 0.15 m and in the period 2010-2008, were   -0.03 to 0.23 centimeter