Using Discrete Wavelet Transform to increase the Accuracy of Hyper Spectral and High Resolution Images Fusion


1 MSc of remote sensing and GIS, Kharazmi University

2 Assistant professor of remote sensing and GIS, Faculty of geography, Kharazmi University.

3 Associated professor of remote sensing and GIS, Faculty of Geography, Kharazmi University.


In optical remote sensing, hyper-spectral (HS) image which contains color information is produced by
hundreds of spectral bands. Because of the trade-off imposed by the physical constraint between spatial
and spectral resolutions, the HS image has poor spatial resolution. On the contrary, the panchromatic
(PAN) images have high spatial resolution but no color information. Image fusion can combine the
geometric detail of PAN image and the color information of the HS image to produce a high-resolution
HS image. The aim of this study is the fusion of Hyperion and OrbView-3 PAN images based on Discrete
Wavelet Transform (DWT). Firstly, the preprocessing methods were applied on Hyperion and OrbView-3
images and registration method based on nearest neighbor method were applied on two dataset. In order to
fit images pixel size, the resampling operation was applied. PAN image was decomposed by DWT and
then fused by hyper spectral image with GST algorithm. DIV, CC, Q and RMSE accuracy assessment
methods were used on final fused image to evaluate the results accuracy. The results showed that using
DWT based decomposition PAN image, preserve the spatial information during fusion rule. Also this
technique gains high accuracy in term of spectral information of hyper spectral image.