Investigating the role of duality in geomorphology using radar data in Bahadoran plain of Yazd


1 Member of young researcher club, Azad university safadasht branch, tehran, iran

2 Associate Professor of Faculty of Geography, Hakim University of Sabzevar

3 Assistant Professor of Faculty of Geography, Hakim Sabzevari University


Many varied attitudes exist about how the changes occur in the land-surface from the
time of William Davis’s research to the latest researchers in the history of
geomorphologic philosophy and many different terms are used by scientists in order to
observe their ideas related to geomorphic phenomena. The phenomenon of duality has
been seen less in the geomorphology field. There exist some contradictory phenomena
in nature, but further investigation can show their correlation clearly. Durability can be
considered as a better dynamic entropy. In this research, radar interferometry
technique has been used in Yazd-Bahadoran area and the amount of subsidence and
uplifting has been investigated Through field and library studies and the results have
been compared with the other researchers' studies, which is a new concept in the
literature of geomorphology under geo-duality. The study results indicate that the main
reason for the subsidence was not to cut down the level of groundwater, and in this
regard the tectonic movements play a significant role. Also, the study shows a
significant relationship between subsidence in the Bahadoran plain and the collapse in
adjacent heights in terms of duality or dichotomy.