Identification of active structures via remote sensing


Department of Civil Engineering٫ Zanjan Branch٫ Islamic Azad University٫ Zanjan٫ Iran


Active structures have an important role in controlling fluvial systems through longitudinal and lateral tilting. The Ghezel Ozan River in northwest of Iran has responded to ongoing tectonic deformation in the basin. The study area is located in the Western Alborz zone and includes part of the Ghezel Ozan River. This paper presents the role of active structures in making active deformations via detection and characterization of fluvial anomalies and correlation with structures. The study area is characterized by association of fluvial anomalies viz. deflection, anomalous sinuosity variations and knick point in longitudinal profile. Such fluvial anomalies have been identified on the repetitive satellite images and maps and interpreted through DEM and field observations to identify active structures in the area. Some of the structures in the study area have caused the fluvial anomalies and the most active structures are surface and sub-surface faults and folds with trend of NE-SW.